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Two new series of high-efficiency heat pumps called FRYO P2 2-pipe and FRYO P4 4-pipe (with outputs ranging from 28 to 105 kW)

All electric fan motors are of the modulating inverter type, which are quiet to run and use less energy.

FRYO P4 high-efficiency heat pumps are designed for 4-pipe air-conditioning and heating systems, allowing the simultaneous or separate production of cold water for cooling and hot water for the domestic hot water circuit.


Product category: High-efficiency reversible

Output: 28 kW to 105 kW

Suited for: Centralised Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Tertiary

Quiet and long-lasting: maximum peace of mind with FRYO P2 and P4!

Designed and built to minimise power consumption, ensure quiet operation and durability, FRYO P2 and FRYO P4 also come with a series of devices and features that are considered optional extras in competing appliances in the same range! Here are some detailed features that place these heat pumps among the most advanced and reliable on the market.


High-efficiency scroll type dual compressor (tandem configuration). Specially design to boost the efficiency of the refrigeration cycle in low temperature conditions. To keep noise levels as low as possible, the compressors are fitted with soundproofing high-density dampeners and insulating material and installed on a double anti-vibration floater frame. The electrical parts are accessed by simply removing the front panel.

Technical details that highlight product quality

FRYO P2 and P4 heat pumps are able to meet different system requirements simultaneously and modulate the power output on each one.

The heat pumps are fitted with a “phase sequence” relay as standard, which disables the compressor if the power supply sequence is incorrect. Similarly, the units are already fitted with thermomagnetic circuit breakers (to protect the pumps and fans), fuses and relays for the compressor. The fans and pumps are also fitted with relays as standard. The panel is also equipped with a terminal board with “dry contacts” for summer/winter switching, a remote on-off device and dry contacts for the general alarm.

Modulating inverter fans, of the axial type, with airfoil blades, installed on the unit along with rubber vibration dampers, are made of aluminium and balanced both statically and dynamically.

All FRYO P2 and FRYO P4 heat pumps are equipped as standard with: condensate collection tray with anti-freeze element, high-head circulation pump, anti-freeze kit and anti-vibration feet.

Refrigeration circuit with ecological gas

Some information on the refrigeration circuit, which uses R410A refrigerant gas.

It includes:

  • liquid sight glass
  • filter drier
  • double expansion valve (one for cooling and one for heating) with external equaliser
  • four-way valve
  • one-way valves
  • liquid receiver
  • Schrader valves for maintenance and control and safety device (as per PED regulation).

FRYO P4: free hot water from summer cooling!

The new FRYO P4 heat pump can take the heat produced for summer cooling and reintroduce it into the DHW heating circuit.

  1. Utility water heating: the unit behaves like a normal air-to-water heat pump in heating mode, using the finned exchanger as the source and the “A” outlets as the utility, as shown in the adjacent figures.
  2. Utility water cooling: the unit behaves like a normal air-to-water cooler in cooling mode, using the finned exchanger as the source and the “A” outlets as the utility, as shown in the adjacent figure.
  3. Utility water heating plus DHW production: the unit behaves like a normal air-to-water heat pump in heating mode, using the finned exchanger as the source, with the “A” outlets as the heating utility and the “B” outlets as the domestic hot water utility, as shown in the adjacent figures (outlets operating at a higher set-point).
  4. Utility water cooling plus DHW heating: the unit behaves like a water-to-water heat pump, using the “A” outlets as the source (or cold utility) and the “B” outlets as the DHW.

Product Guide Hybrid Systems & Heat pump

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