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COSMOGAS offers a wide range of gas condensing boilers for residential, tertiary and industrial sectors, among the most efficient on the market and multiple solutions that use renewable energy to heat, cool and produce domestic hot water, like hybrid systems, solar thermal and heat pumps.

COSMOGAS is also specialized in the production of domestic hot water and boasts a full range of gas condensing water heaters.

It has been designing, patenting and building in-house the entire product range for over 50 years, with the utmost attention to the choice of materials and components, with the solid conviction that “quality makes the difference!”


A complete range of double condensing boilers for heating and domestic hot water production for residential and commercial gas condensing boilers for multi-family buildings, workshops, condominiums, large commercial and industrial users.

Domestic hot water

The need for sanitary hot water for multi-jet showers, waterfall showers, jacuzzis, wellness and fitness centers is growing more and more. For this reason COSMOGAS has designed a series of residential and commercial gas condensing water heaters, to meet all needs, ensuring energy savings, comfort, ease of use, reliability and low environmental impact.

Heat pumps

Heating, cooling and producing hot water using inverter heat pumps has become essential to respect the environment and to maximize energy savings!
A complete range of inverter heat pumps, ideal for new build or renovation homes.


The COSMOGAS Research and Development Center has designed and built a range of hybrid systems to harness renewable energies such as air, sun and biomass to heat, cool and produce domestic hot water.

All integrated within a single BOX, the hybrid systems are ready to be installed both inside and outside of homes.