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A new culture of living is being established, where proper use of resources in the perspective of energy sustainability leads to increasingly reduced heating needs.

On the other hand, the need for a higher production of domestic hot water is emerging, due to the diffusion of multi-jet showers, cascade showerheads and Jacuzzis.

Choosing double condensation means significantly increasing savings

How do traditional
condensing boilers work?

In traditional condensing boilers the water vapor generated by the combustion process together with its energy and caloric component is recovered and used for heating.

In order to exploit this energy, the water vapor must be cooled and turned into condensation. This is possible thanks to specially designed heat exchangers.

This process leads to an economic saving on the bill and a reduction of gas emissions into the atmosphere.

However, traditional condensing boilers do not condense when they produce domestic hot water, or when they work at high temperatures (radiator heating).

Therefore, they guarantee a SAVING OF UP TO 30% compared to the old atmospheric boilers, BUT ONLY IN HEATING MODE!

by COSMOGAS you get

Unlike traditional condensing boilers, COSMOGAS DOUBLE CONDENSING boilers condense both in heating (low and high temperature) and in domestic hot water production, thus saving 365 days a year !!

This is possible thanks to the use of high quality materials and technologies, such as the OVERSIZED heat exchangers, which allow energy to be recovered from the flue gases even during the production of domestic hot water.

With Cosmogas double condensing you get an additional 10% savings on domestic hot water production.

Why is it important to SAVE
on domestic
hot water production?

Domestic heating is used only during the coldest months of the year, while hot water is used throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions and at all altitudes.

Therefore it is essential to save on the production of hot water in order to reduce the costs in the bill.

With double condensing boilers, a further 10% savings are achieved on domestic hot water production.

Discover all the ADVANTAGES of
DOUBLE condensing

Double condensing, Double saving