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AGUAdens 16, 22 and 37 is the range of wall-hung instantaneous condensing water heaters, completely patented and assembled by Cosmogas.

AGUAdens is the ideal solution for residential use, as well as for those utilities requiring large water production, even simultaneously, like sports or industrial facilities, gyms and spas.


Product category: Indoor condensing water heater

Output: 16 - 22 - 37 litres (27 - 34 - 61 kW)

Suited for: Residential

Hot water heat exchanger: TITANIUM stainless steel resistant to corrosion and to chlorine

Domestic hot water: 3 showers simultaneously (AGUAdens 37 - 5 showers)

Connectivity: Manageable through EcoHOME Life App – connectable to remote control

Energy saving: +30% compared to conventional water heaters

Condensing domestic hot water: the money-saver.

New energy saving legislations and modern residential and commercial building insulation techniques have significantly reduced heating needs.

On the other hand hot water usage is increasing as much as fuel consumption for its production.

Considering that hot water is used 365 days a year in all parts of the world, saving on hot water production has become a priority.

Save up to 100€ compared
to conventional water heaters

AGUAdens is a newly developed condensing water heater, able to satisfy the needs of domestic hot water production in homes, offices, sport centres, shopping malls.

The first to guarantee energy saving, comfort, ease of use, reliability and low environmental impact.

Compared to conventional water heaters, with AGUAdens you will save up to 30%.

Safe hot water
with the anti-Legionella function

AGUAdens, by producing hot water instantaneously, ensures maximum hygiene and prevents any risk of contamination from Legionella bacteria, problem that may occur when hot water is produced using storage tanks or boilers.

Ideal even for high domestic hot water needs

AGUAdens can be installed in cascade sequence in an unlimited number of units, which makes it the ideal solution for high hot water needs at constant temperature, like sports centres, restaurants, spas, hairdressers, campsites, etc., thanks to its high capacity (35l/m).

When AGUAdens is combined with storage tanks, the control panel automatically activates the anti-Legionella cycle.

Titanium heat exchanger
resistant to corrosion

Cosmogas is the only manufacturer who can offer a Titanium primary heat exchanger that can be supplied by mains water, guaranteeing a great resistance to corrosion and to the aggressiveness of chlorinated waters.

DIMMI: manage AGUAdens from your smartphone

You can set the comfort of your home with simple commands thanks to the new DIMMI room thermostat, an advanced Wi-Fi thermoregulation system, which, thanks to its elegant and essential design, integrates perfectly into any environment.

With its intuitive and free EcoHOME Life APP, available for both Android and Apple iOS, you can control the hot water temperature, heating and water pressure in your system at any time, even if you are on the other side of the world.

DIMMI is compatible with the voice assistants Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Find out all the benefits of AGUAdens condensing water heater

Details that make the difference


DIMMI is the innovative Cosmogas Wi-Fi room thermostat that allows you to manage your boiler directly through smartphone or tablet. With DIMMI it will always be possible to check the temperature and to schedule ignition and shutdown hours and days from anywhere you are! !


Thanks to COVER-BOX, the ABS, anti-UV weather-resistant insulated cover, AGUAdens can be installed outdoor!

Its compact dimensions and elegant design make it easy to fit in any location.


Control panel with digital backlit display for an easy and intuitive visualization of parameters, boiler phases, error messages, with electronic temperature control.

Display backlighting turns off after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Documentation about AGUAdens

Brochure AGUAdens

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AGUAdens installation, use and maintenance manual

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