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DIMMI is the new advanced Wi-Fi temperature control system that allows you to remotely control and regulate your boiler, heating and domestic hot water production.

DIMMI has built-in Wi-Fi so you can always be connected and control the temperature, schedule times and days for switching on and off! Wherever you are!


Product category: Wi-Fi room thermostat

Suited for: Residential temperature control

Functions: Room and boiler temperature control from smartphone (APP)

Comfort and energy saving
wherever you are

The new room thermostat is an advanced Wi-Fi temperature control system.

DIMMI allows you to set the comfort of your home with simple commands and thanks to its elegant and essential design it integrates perfectly into any environment.

Communication between the room thermostat and the control unit is wireless, making installation quick and easy.

With DIMMI you can check the status of your heating system and also:

  • Define the room set point temperature for 4 time slots for each day of the week;
  • Set domestic hot water temperature;
  • Set 3 operating modes: Manual, Automatic and Holiday (reduced set point temperature).

Smart Assistant

DIMMI is compatible with Q30, MYdens, TOPdens, MYdens 60 condensing boilers and with AGUAdens condensing water heater.

DIMMI is compatible with the voice assistants Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

It allows the control of domestic hot water temperature, heating and system water pressure.

You ask out loud for a command and he carries it out for you.

communicate with your boiler
wherever you are in the world

Thanks to its intuitive, free EcoHOME Life APP, available for both Android and Apple iOS, you can change the room temperature in your home at any time, even if you are on the other side of the world.

Install the APP, configure it and use the room thermostat by choosing between the various functions:

  • Heating and domestic hot water set point temperature setting, weekly programming (heating only)
  • Boiler status display: on/off, domestic hot water temperature, system supply and return temperature, water pressure, domestic hot water flow rate, flame modulation status
  • Remote diagnostics: error code display, connection status, boiler block status
  • Baby lock function
  • Room air temperature display

Versatile, Simple, Functional
and Energy Saving conscious

With DIMMI it is possible to instantly display any error, boiler lockout status and the connection status between the room thermostat and the control unit and reset via App and room thermostat.

OWD function: in case of Open Window Detection (determined by the lowering of the indoor temperature), the heating is automatically switched off, avoiding energy waste.

DIMMI can be wall-hung, like a classic thermostat, or it can be placed on any horizontal surface thanks to the supplied mount.

Details that make the difference


The dimensions of the room thermostat with surface mount are 125x98x34.2.

Documentation about DIMMI

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