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MYdens T

MYdens T from 199 to 1,000 MBtu/hr is the range of modulating commercial gas condensing boilers, completely patented and built by Cosmogas.

A design conceived to be “space-saving”, a vertical cascade that streamlines the delivered output according to actual thermal demands and always guarantees maximum efficiency, even in case of small spaces.

MYdens T offers a wide turndown ratio 20:1, thanks to perfect synchrony of heat exchangers cascade sequence control and “rotation”, combined with COSMOMIX air/gas mix system.


Product Category: Indoor floor standing commercial boiler

Output: 199 - 250 - 399 - 500 - 750 - 1,000 Mbtu/hr

Suited for: Residential Central Heating, Commercial, Industrial, Service Industry

Connectivity: Remote cascade sequence control via TUTORbit

Compact, powerful and lightweight

MYdens T represents the best balance between power, weight and size.

MYdens T has a vertical structure and it gets through a 26” wide door, allowing easy access into the thermal power plant.

Thanks to its light weight, it is possible to easily handle it even for difficult installations.

It has an output up to 1,000 MBtu/hr and thanks to its light weight and small size, it is to transport and position in thermal power plants with reduced spaces.

Seasonal high efficiency and gas saving

Each boiler is composed of 1 to 4 R.V.C. 250,000 Btu/hr heat exchangers: a “monoblock” system that optimizes the supplied output according to real thermal needs ensuring maximum efficiency.

MYdens T reaches a 20:1 turndown ratio with consequent seasonal high efficiency and gas saving even in the case of radiator installations and old buildings.

Continuous linear modulation according to real thermal need

One of the main features of MYdens T is the heat exchangers and their perfect synchrony and cascade sequence control.

Once the system reaches full speed, when thermal load varies, burners reduce the power until they turn off one after another, then they eventually increase together to reach maximum output.

In this way it is possible to obtain maximum efficiency from each boiler to get seasonal high efficiency and great gas savings.

With MYdens T, you can save up to 35%,
compared to a traditional boiler

With MYdens T it is possible to save on bills because it keeps high efficiency in mid-seasons, which represent the longest and most important energy period in the heating season.

The diagram shows the gas saving comparison between an old traditional boiler and Mydens T, based on the thermal load.

Ideally the grey space represents achievable gas savings that can even reach 35%, during the heating season which in generally october to april.

What happens at low thermal loads?

MYdens T has a high turndown ratio 20:1 (from 1,000 to 50 MBtu/hr) and it always gives maximum efficiency even at low thermal loads: it adjusts its heat input when thermal load decreases by turning off burners one by one, the last one supplies a 50 MBtu/hr minimum power (5% of total) with a 98% output to the advantage of efficiency and gas savings.

The solution for any installation

MYdens T is standard equipped with:

  • Condensate acidity neutralizer
  • Condensate blocked drain switch
  • Water flow meter
  • Air filter
  • Built-in back flue preventer (clapet)


MYdens T has been designed with a front access to all inner components and uniformity of functions for a quick maintenace and management savings.

Details that make the difference


TUTORbit regulates the operating up to 4 MYdens T boilers in cascade sequence, managing a sequenced lighting and modulating from the lowest output of one single boiler to the highest output of 4 boilers working at full speed, guaranteeing the rotation for an equal aging.

TUTORbit is compatible with main browsers and allows cloud remote control of the system via PC, tablet and smartphone.


MYdens T can be equipped, on demand, with 2-way motorized valves,important to adjust the water flow to lowest thermal loads. The option of 2-way motorized valves combined with a variable speed pump allows further reduc-tions of power and gas consumption.

Documentation about MYdens T

Installation and maintenance instructions gas-fired condensing boiler series MYdens T

Installation and maintenance manuals, User Manuals – File type: PDF

Brochure MYdens T

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