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Why choose Cosmogas

For over 50 years Cosmogas has been designing, patenting and building the entire range in-house with the firm conviction that “quality makes the difference!”

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Complete range hot water producers from 199 to 1000 MBtu/hr

Cosmogas offers a wide range of boilers and condensing water heaters able to always provide the perfect solution for all residential, industrial and service sector applications, ensuring immediate availability of hot water in large quantity, without recovery times and even with different water withdrawal points.

Choosing Cosmogas means choosing maximum Quality

50 years of experience in designing and producing have allowed us to develop innovative solutions, suited to modern world needs and most of which patented, to ensure maximum efficiency and high performance. All Cosmogas products are designed, patented and built by us.

Instant domestic hot water in large quantity

You save all year long, thanks to Double Condensing

Thanks to the micro-accumulation technology, your energy bill will be cheaper

Innovative solutions to use renewable energies

Cosmogas story and patents


How do they work? During the operating, the return water is distributed in a series of coils, Ø16 mm (0.71”) and Ø18 mm (0.63”). The advantage of such a system, is to condense with return water temperatures at roughly 56°C (133°F) and achieving great performance of the boiler even in radiator systems. In the R.S.C. heat exchanger the fluid circulation is radial shared, in the R.V.C. one it is radial variable.


The innovative premix system adopted in Cosmogas commercial boilers enables an exceptional turndown ratio up to 1:20 (Mydens 1000 T).


  • Turndown ratio up to 1:20
  • Negative pressure gas valve
  • It also operates with low gas inlet pressure up to 7,5 mbar (3” W.C.)
  • Constant air/gas ratio

Cosmogas ecologic premix products have a constant air/gas ratio in at each point of the burner’s turndown range, decreasing polluting emissions and streamlining efficiency. Cosmogas premix burner is made of a special metal fibre, “Fecralloy”, which develops short and perfectly fed flames.


  • High efficiency combustion
  • Low polluting emissions
  • NG, LP and Natural gas/20% Hydrogen blend operating

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