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Boilers designed, patented and BUILT by us

Cosmogas, a leading company in the thermo-hydraulic sector, since 1966 patents and internally produces its entire product range, with the utmost attention to the choice of materials and components, with the strong belief that “quality makes the difference!”

To date, Cosmogas offers a wide range of condensing boilers and water heaters, among the most efficient on the market and multiple solutions based on renewable energy, such as hybrid systems and heat pumps.

Why Cosmogas?

Made in Italy

For over 50 years we have been making our products entirely in-house, guaranteeing an all-Italian quality.


Always attentive to the latest technological innovations and with a look to the future, we have created technologically innovative products to meet the needs of all customers.

Unique Products

Unique and patented components, give our products a distinctive sign that makes Cosmogas the market leader.


Our products have very low emissions thanks to the “Fecralloy” metal fiber burner. We also have multiple hybrid solutions that take advantage of renewable energy, such as hybrid systems, solar thermal and heat pumps.

Designed, Patented and Built by us

Since 1966, we have been designing and producing the entire range of products and its components in house for a continuous need to reack high quality standards and high performance.


Cosmogas solutions are versatile, easy to use, compact and feature design that fits perfectly in any location we respond to the comfort and needs of both modern families and large companies.

First quality materials

With the strong belief that “quality makes the difference”, Cosmogas has been a standed out for 50 years adhering to attention choice for material and components.


Cosmogas is internationally recognized as a reference in the world of heating, due to the excellent quality of its products and reliability over time.

In-house research and development center

The Research and Development Center has always been the company’s strong point. We are constantly striving to improve the reliability, durability and performance of our products to ensure to the customer a fundamental experience.

Qualified Assistance

Cosmogas has been investing for over 50 years in the continuous training of its technicians through the creation of an in-house “university” guaranteeing qualified and always updated assistance.

Full range

We offer a wide range of the most efficient products on the market such as condensing boilers and water heaters, commercial condensing appliances, hybrid systems and heat pumps.

Personal advice

Our staff offers customized solutions tailored to the real needs of the customer through preliminary advice and inspections, carried out by qualified technicians in order to satisfy every request and need.


Cosmogas solutions are always careful to reduce energy consumption as much as possible as to offer the customer a substantial saving on the bill.