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AGUAplus 199 – 250 – 399 – 500 is the range of commercial instantaneous gas condensing water heaters with a 32 gal insulated built-in storage tank.

 AGUAplus is the ideal solution to meet any domestic hot water need, in peak and continuous demands, for industrial and commercial applications.


Product Category: Indoor commercial water heater

Output: 199 - 250 - 399 - 500 MBtu/hr

Suited for: Commercial and industrial applications

Hot water heat exchanger: Titanium stainless steel, resistant to corrosion and chlorine

Domestic hot water: Up to 1320 gal/hr (rise 45°F)

Components: Built-in corrosion-resistant stainless steel 120 l storage tank

Energy saving: +30% compared to traditional water heaters

Domestic hot water
with quick recovery times

Thanks to the built-in insulated 120 l stainless steel storage tank, AGUAplus supplies instant hot water ensuring extremely quick recovery times.

AGUAplus is the high efficiency water heater able to satisfy both peak demands and continuous use, as in cafeterias, restaurants, industrial and commercial applications.

AGUAplus always runs in condensing mode

AGUAplus combines the benefits of instantaneous hot water production with those of the storage tank because, by heating the water directly, it always keeps the maximum efficiency while condensing and it reduces the recovery times.

The built-in storage tank satisfies small withdrawals without consuming energy, while the exchangers produce instantaneously only when needed, minimising the consumption.

Moreover, with condensing technology you can save up to 30% on consumption.

Powerful and compact

Each AGUAplus is composed of 1 or 2 R.V.C. 70 kW stainless steel AISI 316Ti (Titanium) condensing heat exchangers and it can be connected in cascade sequence up to 8 units.

Moreover, AGUAplus is a vertical, space-saving water heater. With its 0,42 mq, it doesn’t create any space issues and it can fit through a 65 cm (25″) door, reducing installation and maintenance costs.

ASME pressure and temperature, safety controls

AGUAplus is standard equipped with an ASME safety and temperature relief valve rated at 125 PSI, 210°F (99 C°) and ASME pressure and temperature gauge.

Many standard built-in components

AGUAplus was designed and produced in-house by Cosmogas, with many standard, built-in accessories and components:

  • Air filter
  • Flue gas backflow preventer valve
  • Condensate acidity neutralizer
  • Inverter charge pump
  • Condensate level sensor
  • Adjustable feet for a correct placement
  • Built-in 32 gal stainless steel AISI 316L storage tank
  • Electrical anode
  • 4” PVC/CPVC polypropylene and stainless steel vent approved
  • ASME pressure and temperature safety controls
Details that make the difference


AGUAplus represents the best relationship between power, weight and size. Being extremely compact, it fits through a 26" wide door and it allows easy access into thermal power plant. Its light weight makes it easy-to-handle even in case of difficult installations.


Cosmogas is the only manufacturer who can offer a Titanium primary heat exchanger that can be directly supplied by mains water, guaranteeing a great resistance to corrosion and to the aggressiveness of chlorinated waters.

Documentation about AGUAplus

Instructions d’installation et d’entretien du chauffe-eau à gaz à condensation série AGUAplus

Installation and maintenance manuals, User Manuals – File type: PDF

Installation and maintenance instructions gas-fired condensing water heater series AGUAplus

Installation and maintenance manuals, User Manuals – File type: PDF

Brochure AGUAplus T

Brochures – File type: PDF

AGUAPLUS istantaneous water heater specifications

Technical sheets – File type: PDF

AGUAPLUS istantaneous water heater specifications

Technical sheets – File type: Word

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