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SOLARsplit is the new inverter heat pump, available in 6, 9 and 12 kW output, that exploits renewable thermal energy from the air for heating, air conditioning and hot water production.

SOLARsplit can be combined with other systems of thermal generators such as fireplaces, hydro stoves, solar thermal panels and photovoltaic panels. It is the ideal solution for homes, terraced houses, apartments, etc.


Product Category: inverter heat pumps for indoor, outdoor and built-in installation

Output: 6 - 9 - 12 kW

Suited for: Autonomous residential

Energia rinnovabile utilizzata: Air, solar on demand

Multienergie: Heat pump, solar panels, thermal fireplaces/stoves

NO GAS system for heating, cooling and domestic hot water production

SOLARsplit is the built-in heat pump system with electric only integration (NO GAS), consisting of an indoor hydronic unit and an external split unit.

It satisfies the demands for domestic hot water and provides energy for winter and summer air conditioning.

Only in the event of adverse external temperature conditions and critical humidity values, the system activates the 2-1.5 kW electric heaters (optional) which are inserted in steps according to the real needs to always guarantee optimal comfort.

SOLARsplit works only with electricity, ensuring the same comfort as traditional combustion systems at much lower costs.

It exploits multiple renewable energies simultaneously

SOLARsplit is ideal for residential use thanks to the technical hot water storage tank that allows the integration of other thermal generators such as solar thermal panels, thermal fireplaces, stoves and biomass systems.

SOLARsplit becomes even more efficient and sustainable if photovoltaic solar panels are added.

Ready to be installed, everything already tested and working!

SOLARsplit is the optimal solution for modern plant engineering, as it is small in size and ready to be installed anywhere.

The main unit houses all the elements inside a compact box that can be placed leaning against the wall or built-in both inside and outside, while the secondary unit is positioned outside the building.

SOLARsplit is entirely manufactured and tested in COSMOGAS.

Photovoltaic and SOLARsplit: the winning combination!

The combination of photovoltaics with SOLARsplit is certainly a winner in terms of energy efficiency and use of clean energy.

With this solution it is possible to obtain heating, cooling and hot water with very low costs and close to ZERO!

FV LINK is the integration system with photovoltaic systems, which allows the self-consumption of electricity produced from renewable sources. It is possible to store thermal energy thanks to the automatic raising of the domestic hot water temperature and/or the activation of the backup heater on the sanitary circuit and/or the activation of the backup heater on the heating circuit (optional) in booster function. SOLARsplit has a photovoltaic contact as standard, and has the possibility of activating the function above a certain threshold of energy produced thanks to the integration of a photovoltaic energy meter (optional).

Endless hot water

SOLARsplit integrates two tanks, one with 150 liters of technical water and the other one with a 50-liter storage, guaranteeing copious and instantaneous hot water supplies.

In particular, the inertial one (which optimizes the production of hot water) guarantees high flow rates, succeeding in satisfying even five consecutive showers (storage at 75°C – water inlet 15°C).

Discover all the advantages of SOLARsplit The new heat pump AT ZERO SPACE

Details that make the difference


The “SPLIT 895” remote control is supplied as standard and allows you to remotely manage SOLARsplit in a simple and intuitive way.


This function can be activated if SOLARsplit is also connected to photovoltaic panels: in the event of an excess of electricity, the controller switches on the auxiliary heaters in the inertial storage tank, thus increasing the amount of available hot water.


You will have statistics on the use of electricity: how much produced by photovoltaics and how much is used for heating and hot water (optional).

In this way you can improve the use of the system and make the most of the free renewable energy produced by photovoltaics, adapting your habits.

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