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POOLdens from 34 to 280 kW is the new range of commercial modulating gas condensing pool heaters with 100% Titanium heat exchanger.

Fast loading time, minimum heat loss, water heating only when needed. POOLdens works directly with the water of the swimming pool, thanks to corrosion resistance of its primary heat exchanger made of WELDLESS PURE TITANIUM.


Product Category: TITANIUM gas condensing pool heater

Output: 34 - 60 - 70 - 100 - 115 - 140 - 180 - 210 - 280 kW

Suited for: small, medium, big heated swimming pools

Hot water heat exchanger: weldless 100% TITANIUM, chlorine corrosion resistance

Vantaggi: works directly with chlorinated water of swimming pools

Extreme corrosion resistance

The R.V.C. heat exchanger of POOLdens is made of weldless 100% TITANIUM to keep its characteristics unaltered, conferring the right resistance to corrosion given by swimming pool water, with high percentages of chlorine.

Thanks to these characteristics, the pool water flows directly into POOLdens, so there is no need for interposed plate or tube heat exchangers.

A lot of advantages

Designed to take up little space, POOLdens systems can also be installed outdoors (thanks to CE certified covers) and have many advantages, including:


  • Loading speed
  • Minimum heat loss during idle time
  • Water heating only when needed
  • Energy saving thanks to condensing technology
  • No need for additional heat exchangers

Power and savings on pool heating

The POOLdens range of pool heaters is ready to bring a breath of power and savings to the heating of pools, taking advantage of the principle of condensing, which is still not widespread today.

A novelty that will allow you to activate the water heating system for the pool, even a few hours before its use: without spending hours or days, when the power applied is small, waiting for its use.

Likewise, it will be easier and cheaper to keep the water temperature.

Installable in any situation

Designed to reduce space and increase efficiency, POOLdens work in cascade, accessing and modulating its heat exchangers one after the other (70 kW each), depending on the real demand, even immediate, of water at high temperature.

The appliace can also be placed outdoors, thanks to COVER-BOX T the CE certified cover, weather resistant, made of anodized aluminum, (IP X5D protection degree).

Documentation about POOLdens

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