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AGUAdens T

AGUAdens T from 199 to 1,000 MBtu/hr is the range of commercial autonomous modulating condensing water heaters, completely patented and built by Cosmogas.

AGUAdens T are designed to be “space-saving”; thanks to their vertical structure they allow to save space in both new and for the renovation of thermal power plants.

They supply water in continuous up to 160 l/min (43 GPM) rise 25°C (45°F).

 Thanks to their light weith they are easy to carry and to place inside thermal power plants.


Product Category: Indoor floor standing commercial water heater

Output: 199 - 250 - 399 - 500 - 750 - 1,000 MBtu/hr

Suited for: Commercial, Industrial, Service Industry

Hot water heat exchanger: TITANIUM Stainless STEEL corrosion and chlorinated water resistant

Domestic hot water: up to 160 l/h (43 GPM) rise 25°C (45°F).

Always a lot of condensing hot water

Each commercial water heater is composed of 1 to 4 patented AISI 316 Ti Titanium 250,000 Btu/hr R.V.C. heat exchangers: a “monoblock” system that optimises the supplied output according to real D.H.W. needs, ensuring maximum efficiency.

The presence of more heat exchangers always guarantees continuity of service in the case of maintenance or breakdowns.

A heart of Titanium resistant to corrosion and to pressure…
up to 160 PSI

Cosmogas is the only manufacturer who can offer a Titanium primary heat exchanger that can be directly supplied by mains water guaranteeing a great resistance to corrosion, the aggressivness of chlorinated water and high pressure of sanitary circuits up to 160 PSI.

Thanks to low inlet temperatures the R.V.C. increases intensified the condensing effect and supplies D.H.W. even at high temperatures, maximizing savings and reducing to minimum the thermal inertia.

Domestic Hot Water continuously guaranteed and during peak periods

The innovative design of the AGUAdens T, instantaneous commercial water heater, combined with storage tanks constitutes a perfectly rapid system that can provide hot water exactly when needed.

AGUAdens T, produces continuous D.H.W. which feeds a storage tank, and allows the production of D.H.W. availability during peak periods and it is perfect for all industrial and tertiary applications with high domestic hot water demand: hotel, campgrounds, restaurants, apartment buildings, cafeterias, schools, sports centers, wellness centers, hospitals.

Ideal in new and renewal of thermal power plants

In many cases, domestic hot water production systems are made up of large storage tanks that, besides favoring the proliferation of bacteria, occupy a lot of space on the ground and are characterized by considerable energy dispersion and waste.

Depending on real user needs, the system AGUAdens T by Cosmogas, allows to always choose the right balance between output and storage.

AGUAdens T with storage tank rapid heating system guarantees excellent performance even with extremely low accumulations (1 gal each 15,000 Btu/hr) and thanks to the multi-burner configuration, it supplies the right output to heat only the water that is needed without waste and minimizing energy consumption.

Details that make the difference

TUTORbit: Manage your installation remotely

TUTORbit regulates the operating up to 4 AGUAdens T water heaters in cascade sequence managing a sequenced lighting and modulating from the lowest output of one single water heater to the highest output of 4 water heaters working at full speed, ensuring rotation for fair aging.

TUTORbit is compatible with main browsers e and allows cloud remote control of the system via PC, tablet and smartphone.

Documentation about AGUAdens T

Instructions d’installation et d’entretien pour chauffe-eau à gaz à condensation série AGUAdens T

Installation and maintenance manuals, User Manuals – File type: PDF

Installation and maintenance instructions for gas-fired condensing water heater series AGUAdens T

Installation and maintenance manuals, User Manuals – File type: PDF

Brochure AGUAdens T

Brochures – File type: PDF

AGUADENS T potable water heater specifications

Technical sheets – File type: PDF

AGUADENS T potable water heater specifications

Technical sheets – File type: Word

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