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TUTORbit is the thermoregulator for mechanical room that controls and regulates multi-circuit heating zones, domestic hot water production, D.H.W. recycling loop circuit, heat pump integration, cascade sequence control and solar even remotely with web server or cloud monitoring.

TUTORbit is available to combine with MYdens T, AGUAdens T and AGUAplus.

Ideal for commercial, industrial and condominium solutions, it allows the installer or maintenance technician to remotely monitor and control the entire operation of the mechanical room and the boiler/s, favoring the reduction of energy consumption and maintenance interventions.


Product category: Cascade sequence and installation thermoregulator

Suited for: Residential Central Heating, Commercial, Industrial, Service Sector

Accessories: Commercial boiler remote monitoring from the Service Center

Cascade sequence control

TUTORbit allows and regulates the operation of the boilers that compose the cascade sequence.

With this kind of management a sequenced lighting of boilers occurs, this allows to modulate from the lowest output of one single boiler to the highest output of 4 boilers working at full capacity, guaranteeing the rotation for an equal aging of the generators.

Simple and intuitive control for many functions:
multi-circuit heating regulation

It gives the opportunity of controlling 6 separate circuits, each one independent from the others:

  • One circuit for domestic hot water production
  • Five zones with the temperature controlled by 3-way mixing valves
  • Antifreeze function
  • Heat pump integration
  • D.H.W. recycling loop
  • Solar

Sanitary and solar adjustment

In sanitary mode, TUTORbit gives the opportunity to:

  • Set 2 operating modes
  • Sanitary mode = water storage tank sensor and anti legionella function
  • Sanitary mode = water storage tank thermostat
  • D.H.W. circulating pump



TUTORbit can control a heat pump in heating and/or cooling and during DHW production. TUTORbit streamlines the efficiency of the system by running the heat pump and calling the boilers to integrate the energy required.

Solar energy management


TUTORbit can simultaneously manage a solar circuit with the possibility to set the following parameters:
Storage minimum and maximum temperature, solar panel temperature, water storage tank load pump ∆t function, anti stagnation function, anti freeze function, heat transferring pump/anti legionella.



TUTORbit is able to manage a photovoltaic panel input in order to exploit the operation of the heat pump in manner in which its efficiency is reduced. The function is also optimized for when the heat pump produces domestic hot water.

Control, switching and monitoring functions


  • Easy remote access from both PC or Smartphone
  • Compatible with standard web-browsers
  • Direct implementation of individual requirements
  • Allows anticipatory actions before malfunction occurs



TUTORbit can be connected to external net such as KNX, modbus and bacnet.

Remote 24 hours service assistance

  • TUTORbit offers its users the opportunity to obtain an innovative service from the Cosmogas Service Centre: REMOTE MONITORING OF THE BOILERThanks to the monitoring portal COSMOGAS RAM (Remote Appliance Monitoring), the Service Centre will be able to remotely control the boiler, so as to always guarantee the desired comfort and tranquillity and prevent any malfunction.
Documentation about TUTORbit

TUTORbit installation, use and maintenance manual

Installation and maintenance manuals, User Manuals – File type: PDF

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