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TOPdens 24 and 34 are gas condensing boilers with built-in AISI 316L stainless steel 80 litre water tank. It is the ideal solution for high-quality homes and business with large domestic hot water requirements.


Product category: Gas condensing boiler with built-in 80 litre water tank

Output: 24 - 34 kW

Suited for: Residential, craft/commercial business

Domestic hot water: 5 showers simultaneously

Mounting: Indoor, floor standing

So much hot water at will!

TOPdens always guarantees high availability of domestic hot water without temperature lags, even with multiple withdrawal points.

Perfect both for the residential sector, in houses with multiple-bathrooms, and for commercial activities such as hairdressers and beauty salons, as customer satisfaction also depends on the quality of the facilities.

Thanks to HYDROPLUS, no more domestic hot water temperature lags!

TOPdens is equipped with HYDROPLUS electronic control, which allows a uniform distribution of water inside the boiler with self-cleaning function and keeps the temperature constant.

The anti Legionella function is standard included and guarantees maximum safety against bacteria!

Patented quality components that make the difference

TOPdens is composed of a NOVAdens B boiler with patented C.R.R. heat exchanger, that does not clog thanks to the large water flow.

The built-in 80L water tank made of  AISI 316L stainless steel is insultaed with rigid polyurethane foam.

The exclusive TOPdens components allow you to have domestic hot water always available, even with multiple pick-up points simultaneously!

Perfect in any installation

TOPdens boiler, with built-in water tank, is also available as TOPdens T  floor standing version.

An elegant compartment equipped with a door placed under the boiler houses on demand the fittings and the recirculating pump.

TOPdens T allows any kind of installation: it is ideal for any space and, thanks to the 2 hooks on the back, also for suspended mounting.

DIMMI: manage your boiler from your smartphone

You can set the comfort of your home with simple commands thanks to the new DIMMI room thermostat, an advanced Wi-Fi thermoregulation system, which, thanks to its elegant and essential design, integrates perfectly into any environment.

With its intuitive and free EcoHOME Life APP, available for both Android and Apple iOS, you can control the hot water temperature, heating and water pressure in your system at any time, even if you are on the other side of the world.

DIMMI is compatible with the voice assistants Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Documentation about TOPdens

Are you a professional? Find the technical documentation about this product in the Professionals section.

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