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SOLARfryo available in 15, 24 and 34 kW outputs is the “renewable” hybrid solution combining heat pump and condensing boiler.

It harnesses renewable thermal energy from the air and, on request, from the sun for heating, air conditioning and hot water production, for detached and terraced houses, apartments, etc.

SOLARfryo automatically chooses the cheapest energy (electricity, solar or gas) depending on the outdoor temperature.


Product category: Hydronic, indoor, outdoor, or built-in hybrid system with heat pump

Output: 15 - 24 - 34 kW

Suited for: Residenziale Autonomo

Connectivity: Managed via EcoHOME Life APP - connectable to remote control

Energia rinnovabile utilizzata: Air, solar on request

Multienergie: Heat pump, solar panels

Componenti principali: Hydronic air-to-water heat pump, condensing boiler

So many solutions, one Made in Italy product

SOLARfryo is a 15 to 34 kW hybrid system made up of a condensing boiler, a 150-litre tank (stainless steel technical water puffer), and a hydronic air-to-water heat pump with 6 to 12 kW output, in inverter and on/off versions that harness renewable energy from the air to heat, cool and produce domestic hot water.

SOLARfryo meets the requirements of any type of system, thanks to the different versions and combinations with:

  • 1 circuit, hot/cold
  • 2 circuits: 1 hot/cold circuit and 1 hot circuit
  • Recirculation pump
  • Solar circuit
  • Remote control

Air and sun for home energy

SOLARfryo can harness two renewable sources simultaneously: air and sun, achieving maximum energy efficiency, while the boiler only comes into operation when renewable energy sources are insufficient.

It immediately delivers hot water in large quantities at a constant temperature and, thanks to the standard I.A.R. kit, can heat rooms with the energy of the sun.

SOLARfryo, the ideal solution for buildings or homes, new or under renovation

SOLARfryo heats, cools and produces domestic hot water all year round, respecting the environment and reducing energy consumption.

SOLARfryo is compatible with all types of homes and installations; indeed, it can be combined with the entire range of FRYO Pi heat pumps with output ranging from 6 to 12 kW.

Also available in a built-in version: the galvanised sheet metal box accommodates the flue gas outlet kit and side holes for the hydraulic connection.

Photovoltaics and SOLARfryo: the winning combination!

Combining photovoltaics with SOLARfryo is definitely a winner in terms of energy efficiency and clean energy use.

With this solution, you can have heating, cooling and hot water with very low, near-ZERO costs!

DIMMI: manage your boiler from your SMARTPHONE

You can configure the comfort of your home with simple commands thanks to the new DIMMI programmable thermostat, an advanced Wi-Fi thermoregulation system that blends perfectly into any setting thanks to its elegant, understated design.

With its intuitive free EcoHOME Life APP, available for both Android and Apple IOS, you can control your system’s domestic hot water temperature, heating and water pressure, at any time, even if you are on the other side of the world.

Dimmi is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants.


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