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MYdens 15, 24 and 34 is the range of residential wall-hung gas condensing boilers, completely patented and assembled in Cosmogas.

Whereas traditional condensing boilers only run in condensing mode at low temperatures, MYdens allows you to take advantage of condensing at any temperature, even in domestic hot water production.

This result is achieved thanks to the high efficiency heat exchanges, guaranteed by the patented Cosmogas heat exchangers: R.V.C. and R.S.C.


Product category: Indoor double condensing boiler

Output: 15 - 24 - 34 kW

Suited for: Residential

Hot water heat exchanger: Oversized 320 mm

Domestic hot water: 2 showers consecutively

Connectivity: Manageable through EcoHOME Life App – connectable to remote control

Double Condensing all year long
with savings up to 40%

Traditional condensing boilers only run in condensing mode at low temperatures and during heating.

MYdens runs in condensing mode 365 days a year, both in heating and domestic hot water production, because it runs in condensing mode even at high temperatures.

Traditional gas condensing boilers guarantee savings up to 30% compared to older atmospheric boilers. With MYdens double condensing boiler you can save an additional 10% on domestic hot water production.

Quality patented components
That make the difference

To achieve double condensing it is necessary to have efficient heat exchanges, considerably higher than traditional gas condensing boilers.

MYdens patented heat exchangers have large surfaces that allow condensing at a temperature of the primary circuit of 55°C.

This is thanks to the R.V.C. heat exchanger, one of its kind, which, combined with the oversized secondary heat exchanger, guarantees high performance.

Lots of hot water
thanks to the oversized heat exchanger

Domestic hot water is produced by an oversized stainless steel plate heat exchanger (W=320 mm) that provides a plentiful and fast supply of domestic hot water.

Moreover MYdens always runs in condensing mode, even during domestic hot water supply, thereby reducing your consumption and the costs of hot water production of an additional 10%*.

* compared to boilers that do not condense during D.H.W. production

The importance of condensing
in domestic hot water production

The need for a larger domestic hot water production is emerging, due to modern habits and lifestyle, and favoured by the diffusion of multi-jet showers, cascade shower heads and Jacuzzis.

If we consider that domestic hot water is used 365 days a year and in all parts of the world, choosing MYdens double condensing means a significant increase in savings.

DIMMI: manage your boiler from your smartphone

You can set the comfort of your home with simple commands thanks to the new DIMMI room thermostat, an advanced Wi-Fi thermoregulation system, which, thanks to its elegant and essential design, integrates perfectly into any environment.

With its intuitive and free EcoHOME Life APP, available for both Android and Apple iOS, you can control the hot water temperature, heating and water pressure in your system at any time, even if you are on the other side of the world.

DIMMI is compatible with the voice assistants Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Find out all the benefits of MYdens double condensing

Details that make the difference


MYdens is available for outdoor installation with the additional COVER-BOX, the ABS, anti-UV weather-resistant insulated cover. The fireproof polyethylene insulation, with high insulating power, provides an IP X5D protection degree and protects the boiler against frost.


Control panel with digital backlit display for an easy and intuitive visualization of parameters, boiler phases, error messages, with electronic temperature control.

Display backlighting turns off after 5 minutes of inactivity.


DIMMI is the innovative Cosmogas Wi-Fi room thermostat that allows you to manage your boiler directly through smartphone or tablet. With DIMMI it will always be possible to check the temperature and to schedule ignition and shutdown hours and days from anywhere you are! !

Documentation about MYdens

MYdens installation, use and maintenance manual

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