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MEGA is the new line of eco-friendly gas condensing modulating commercial boilers, with single burner and low polluting emissions, patented and built entirely by Cosmogas, with a heat output of 500, 750 and 1000 kW.

It allows to optimize and speed up the realization of thermal power plants, responding to different customer needs thanks to the high flexibility of both output and solutions.

Has been designed to be installed both indoors in technical rooms and outdoors in partially protected locations, in compliance with current safety standards.

It is the ideal solution for retrofitted commercial buildings, apartment buildings and condominiums with existing or new central heating systems.


Product category: Factory-made gas condensing modulating commercial boilers, indoors/outdoors model and water heater

Output: 500 - 750 - 1000 kW

Suited for: Residential Central Heating, Commercial, Industrial, Service Industry

Patented “H2 ready” flat surface burner

MEGA is a condensing modulating commercial boilers, the result of a long study by the Cosmogas Research and Development Center in collaboration with the Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Bologna. The burner has a flat surface and a shape that accurately follows the conformation of the combustion chamber.

The “flame plane” is completely made of metal fiber type Fecralloy. The burner is ignited by a pilot burner; this solution guarantees a safe and silent start. These features combined allow for high combustion efficiency as well as low CO and NOx emissions.

The burner can operate on Natural gas, LP gas and Natural gas/20% Hydrogen blend. The burner opening is equipped with a weight resetter and a cooling system for the door itself.

Patented exclusive design, exceptional resistance to corrosion and high efficiency

The 5 series of tubes that make up the Cosmogas heat exchanger have a diameter of 22 mm and guarantee:

  • Great passages
  • Large exchange surface
  • Large water flow
  • Working pressure up to 11 bar

New patented heat exchanger C.R.X.

The new C.R.X. condensing heat exchanger has been designed and patented by the COSMOGAS Research & Development Center to obtain maximum output and minimum space requirements, easily condensing and recovering the greatest amount of latent heat in the flue gases in any type of system. C.R.X. is a water tube condensing heat exchanger, with radial circulation and low water content.

The internal structure is formed by 5 smoke passages in counter current to obtain a very high efficiency. Its constituent coils are made of AISI 316 Ti (Titanium resistant to chlorinated water from aqueducts) stainless steel. The coils round section ensures high water velocity, equal throughout the passage section and provides internal cleaning.

The heat exchanger on the flue gas side has a vertical “self-cleaning” conformation: combustion residues are deposited in the lower part of the combustion chamber and can easily be removed.

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Easy installation and maintenance

The type of exchanger, the high operating pressure and the materials used make MEGA both a commercial boiler for heating and a commercial instant water heater.

Thanks to its small size (1970x860x2060), low weight (1350 kg fully loaded), and 4 concealed lifting hooks (1), MEGA can be easily transported and installed in any place, allowing easy access to the thermal power plant as it passes through a door (2) with maximum space optimization. Internal components are quickly accessible via removable panels. MEGA is equipped with a “soft start” ignition (3) with a pilot burner (3 ignition attempts) that guarantees a safe and silent ignition of the main burner, fed by a double gas valve (4) with negative pressure control and a self-check leakage system (“VPS” system). MEGA is also provided with a minimum and maximum gas pressure switch and has DN 100 PN 16 (5) flange hydraulic connections that can rotate thanks to the nearby “Victaulic” type connection. The upper flange is provided with connection for the safety valve (6).

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Touch screen display simple and user-friendly, everything under control!

  • Heating and sanitary adjustment
  • Advanced electronics
  • 7” touch display
  • User Friendly Interface
  • 0-10V Control
  • Modbus Dialogue
  • Cascade sequence management
  • Displays and adjusts operation, temperatures and anomalies
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A unique commercial boiler that can be installed indoors and outdoors

It has been designed to be versatile in any situation, including installation. Thanks to the quality and sturdiness of the materials that compose it, it can be placed both inside technical rooms and outdoors, in partially protected places, while still guaranteeing optimal and efficient operation.

It has a high turndown ratio of 1:5, always expresses maximum efficiency even when thermal loads are reduced, optimizing gas consumption, reducing polluting emissions of NOx and CO.

Commercial MEGA boilers can be installed in cascade sequence up to 8 units to reach a maximum power of 8 MW.

It has been certified as a commercial gas condensing unit both sealed chamber (type C63) and open chamber (type B23), therefore it provided with air intake and flue gas outlet connections.

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Documentation about MEGA

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