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FRYO Pi 6, FRYO Pi 9 and Fryo Pi 12 are the air-to-water modulating hydronic heat pumps who offer high efficiency, thanks to advanced managing electronics and and the next generation BLDC Twin Rotary compressor.

FRYO Pi is the hydronic heat pump ideal for room heating and cooling.


Product category: Reversible monobloc inverter hydronic heat pump

Output: 6 - 9 - 12 kW

Suited for: New Autonomous Residential and Renovations

Domestic hot water: Combined with a water storage tank and a 3-way valve (on demand)

Easy to install

It’s very easy to install FRYO Pi.

A monoblock with the refrigerant circuit already sealed inside the machine.

You only need to connect the hydraulic pipes of the outdoor unit to the heating system of the house.

Built-in domestic hot water function!

FRYO Pi is able to produce domestic hot water by connecting a storage tank and an external 3-way valve (on demand).

Fryo Pi manages the valve and the D.H.W. temperature.

All models are provided with a 4-way valve for cold water production in summer time.

Advanced vector control technology

FRYO Pi is equipped with a BLDC Twin Rotary compressor with high efficiency even at partial load thanks to the vector control high speed inverter with “RISC” operating microchip which calculates and streamlines the electrical power delivered to the compressor.

  • By acting on the magnetic action generated by the windings, it guarantees a better engine efficiency.
  • Compression is more effective thanks to the optimization of the flow channels and the reduction of rotor friction losses.

Ideal in combination with SOLARfryo hybrid system

The FRYO Pi monoblock heat pump can also be combined with hydronic units, to place indoor, with already sized components that further simplify installation operations.

It is particularly suitable for combination with the SOLARfryo Hybrid System from Cosmogas, completely pre-assembled and ready to install.

Details that make the difference


The 4-wire remote chrono-control is supplied as standard, easy to install and intuitive

  • manages switching on and off on time slots
  • regulates heating / cooling operation, domestic hot water, temperatures, alarms
  • anti-legionella function if connected to a water storage tank.


Without removing the heat pump casing you have access to all the connections for the electrical connection.

FRYO Pi is equipped as standard with a 1.5 meter cable heater to protect the section of pipe (roundtrip) between the heat pump and the internal system against freezing.

Documentation about FRYO Pi

Product Guide Hybrid Systems & Heat pump

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FRYO Pi installation, use and maintenance manual

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