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ECOtwin 06, 09 and 12 are the inverter heat pumps for heating, cooling and domestic hot water production, composed of a direct expansion unit for outdoor installation and an hydronic unit for indoor installation.

ECOtwin guarantees excellent performance throughout the year: both in heating and cooling, thanks to the intelligent use of the air.


Product category: Inverter heat pump with split hydronic unit

Output: 6 - 9 - 12 kW

Suited for: New Autonomous Residential and Renovations

Domestic hot water: Production through stand alone Puffer

Gas Refrigerante: ecologic R32


Warm up and cool your home
without the use of combustible gases

ECOtwin is designed to meet all the needs of new low energy consumption buildings.

ECOtwin is the ideal solution to warm up your home in winter,  cool it in summer and have domestic hot water with high efficiency and convenient management costs without using combustible gases.

In addition, ECOtwin heat pumps can be connected to multiple alternative energy sources, such as biomass and solar thermal.

Everything standard and already built-in!

ECOtwin inverter heat pumps are standard equipped with:

  • 3-way valves
  • Electronic equipment
  • Pumps
  • Switchboards

All components are of the highest quality and of European origin and are built-in supplied without the need to order additional and optional modules.

Technology and exclusive components

SAME OUTDOOR UNIT – are direct expansion units, common to all Cosmogas inverter heat pumps. They house the compressor, inverter board and the cooling circuit components.

HYDRONIC UNIT – indoor units are composed of plate heat exchanger (gas/water), circulating pump, 3-way valve for D.H.W., 3 kW electrical integration resistance and thermoregulation board.

They work with the ecologic R32 refrigerant gas and, due to the total absence of water in the outdoor unit and in the various connections, during the winter period the risks of freezing of the installation are avoided.


ECOtouch controller is designed to be intuitive and easy to use.
Equipped with a 4.3“ touch screen, the ECOtouch controller integrates the various components of the system to meet the need for different applications, minimizing power consumption.

ECOtwin the ideal hybrid system for new buildings and for renovations

ECOtwin can be installed in connection to Cosmogas condensing boilers, stoves or solar panels achieving a full hybrid system able to steamline all heating and cooling needs throughout the year.

The boiler is ONLY used as an auxiliary heat source in the coldest winter days.

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BWX: the ideal combination to produce domestic hot water

For domestic hot water production ECOtwin must be equipped with a dedicated water storage tank, such as the Puffer BWX available with capacity of 300 and 500 liters.

The technical water storage tank is equipped with a finned copper coil and large exchange surface to guarantee high temperatures and high hot water flow rates.

Find out all the benefits of ECOtwin inverter heat pump

Details that make the difference


Cosmogas inverter heat pumps utilizes automatic heat/cool switch-over function to enable the user a truly unattended automatic operation of the system. The user can choose to set this mode based on the ambient temperature, room temperature, or a signal input from other external devices.

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The “Electrical utility lock” function can be set to switch the heat pump off when power main supply is no longer convenient, and automatically activates the auxi-liary boiler.


In this mode the system adjusts outlet water temperature or room temperature to save energy and reduce operating noise by decreasing the working speed of the compressor and fan motor for optimum sleeping comfort.

Documentation about ECOtwin

ECOtwin installation, use and maintenance manual

Installation and maintenance manuals, User Manuals – File type: PDF

Brochure ECOtwin and ECOtower

Brochures – File type: PDF

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