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ECOtower 06, 09 and 12 are the modulating inverter heat pumps for heating, cooling and domestic hot water production equipped with built-in 250 litre water storage tank, designed for energy-efficient buildings

ECOtower are composed of an hydronic unit for indoor installation (GB 06, GB 09 and GB 12), and a direct expansion unit for outdoor installation (STM 06, STM 09 and STM 12)


Product category: Inverter heat pump with built-in storage hydronic unit

Output: 6 - 9 - 12 kW

Suited for: New Autonomous Residential and Renovations

Domestic hot water: Production through built-in 250 litre water storage tank

Connectivity: Management through ECOtouch controller

Gas Refrigerante: ecologic R32

The right answer for both new buildings and renovations

ECOtower is designed by Cosmogas to meet the needs of new homes with low energy consumption and the new requirements of environmental sustainability ERP.

ECOtower is also ideal for renovations since, in the presence of hybrid systems, it also perfectly supports already existing high-temperature systems.

Up to 5 showers simultaneously

ECOtower is provided with a built-in 250 liter stainless steel technical water storage tank.

The production of D.H.W. is carried out by a stainless steel coil  heat exchanger immersed in the water of the water storage tank and equipped with a high exchange surface, which guarantees large flow rates, up to 5 showers simultaneously at a constant temperature.

The built-in water storage tank streamlines the operating of the heat pump even at high temperatures.

So much hot water without anti Legionella cycles

ECOtower inverter heat pumps by Cosmogas sare characterized by an indirect D.H.W. production system, which eliminates the problem of Legionella, as it uses a technical water storage tank (C) and not a water storage tank like traditional systems.

Hot water is produced instantly thanks to the 35m Ø28mm stainless steel coil (D). In this way the water is free of bacteria and there is no need for expensive anti Legionella cycles.

Warm up and cool your home
without the use of combustible gases

ECOtower is designed to meet all the needs of new low energy consumption buildings.

ECOtower is the ideal solution to warm up your home in winter,  cool it in summer and have domestic hot water with convenient management costs due to the high efficiency of ECOtower and the lack of the use of combustible gases.

Everything under control with ECOtouch

ECOtouch controller is designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

Equipped with a 4.3“ touch screen, the ECOtouch controller integrates the various components of the system to meet the need for different applications, minimizing power consumption.

ECOtouch allows adjustment and vision of:

  • all operating parameters of ECOtower,
  • synoptic operating panel,
  • all the control parameters of the heating and D.H.W. production system.

Find out all the benefits of ECOtower inverter heat pump

Details that make the difference


Cosmogas inverter heat pumps utilizes automatic heat/cool switch-over function to enable the user a truly unattended automatic operation of the system. The user can choose to set this mode based on the ambient temperature, room temperature, or a signal input from other external devices.


In this mode the system adjusts outlet water temperature or room temperature by reducing the working speed of the compressor and fan motor reduces the noise for optimum sleeping comfort and increases energy savings during overnight operating.

Fryo Pi Twin rotary


ECOtwin and ECOtower are equipped with a BLDC Twin Rotary compressor with high efficiency even at partial load thanks to the vector control high speed inverter with “RISC” operating microchip which calculates and streamlines the electrical power delivered to the compressor.

Documentation about ECOtower

Product Guide Hybrid Systems & Heat pump

Brochures – File type: PDF

ECOTOWER installation, use and maintenance manual

Installation and maintenance manuals, User Manuals – File type: PDF

Brochure ECOtwin and ECOtower

Brochures – File type: PDF

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