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ECOhybrid Max

ECOhybrid Max is the innovative, intelligent and ecological factory-made high-output hybrid system for heating, cooling and producing domestic hot water.

The ideal solution for new buildings and the redevelopment of existing residential, commercial and office buildings with both standalone and centralised systems.


Product category: High-output factory-made hybrid system for heating, cooling and producing domestic hot water

Output: Heat pump 12 to 105 kW, Heat generator 34 to 280 kW

Suited for: Ideal for new buildings, redevelopment of existing residential or commercial buildings, apartment blocks and condominiums with centralised systems

Ideal for energy efficiency in commercial and residential buildings

ECOhybrid Max is a high-efficiency system to meet all system requirements, from small residential to centralised systems.

It is made up of four elements: condensing heat generator, heat pump, tank/puffer and TUTORbit heat regulator. The heat pump always activates first while the condensing generator supplements missing heat or replaces the heat pump depending on the outside temperature and the building’s requirements, improving energy efficiency all year round, increasing energy savings and significantly reducing CO2 emissions, thus protecting the environment.

If a photovoltaic system is installed, saving on bills will be even higher: completely free and zero-emission electricity is used to power the heat pump in self-consumption, which heats and cools the rooms.

More than 100 combinations to make up ECOhybrid Max

ECOhybrid Max is the COSMOGAS FACTORY-MADE high-output hybrid unit that can be combined at the order stage with:

  • Condensing heat generator NOVAdens 34 and 45, CIELOdens 34 and 45, DUALdens and DUALdens T, MYdens 34, 50 and 60 and MYdens T from 60 to 280
  • High-efficiency reversible air-to-water heat pumps FRYO 12Pi, FRYO P, FRYO P2 and P4
  • TUTORbit heat regulator with remote control and expansions for heat pump and anti-legionella mixing pump
  • 300 and 500 litre FS puffer
    Different types and outputs of the various elements, especially the heat generators and heat pumps, can be combined in over a 100 ways provided the rule of every hybrid system is complied with: the ratio of heat pump output to generator output must be less than 0.5.

Always takes advantage of the cheapest energy

ECOhybrid Max, thanks to an electronic system designed to optimise consumption, always uses the lowest cost and most efficient heat generator according to operating conditions.

The first generator to activate is always the heat pump, which uses the free thermal energy in the air, reducing annual energy consumption.

On colder days, the heat pump may not be able to produce enough heat to adequately heat the building. Only in these cases does the high-efficiency system step in to provide the required heat.

When the outside temperature falls below values that make the heat pump run inefficiently, the heat pump switches off and heating continues to be provided by the gas-powered condensing generator.

TUTORbit the intelligent and ecological heart of ECOhybrid Max

TUTORbit controls the heat pump and the gas-powered generator of the “Factory-made” hybrid system, adjusting them to achieve optimum system performance and domestic hot water production, autonomously identifying the most efficient source.

Depending on weather conditions and system status, it activates the heat pump and, only if necessary, the condensing heat generator, in order to achieve the best working efficiency and desired comfort.

Finally, it supervises the system by signalling any alarms while the controller, supplied with display as standard, allows it be controlled remotely from up to 50 metres away.

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Control and adjustment

  • Multi-circuit heating adjustment: TUTORbit offers the possibility of controlling 3 separate circuits, all independent of one another: 2 heating circuits with temperature controlled by 3-way mixing valve, 1 circuit for hot water production, anti-freeze function. Expansions are available for controlling additional circuits.
  • Domestic hot water adjustment: for domestic hot water, TUTORbit allows you to set 2 operating modes (storage tank sensor mode and storage tank thermostat mode), manage the anti-legionella function, minimum and maximum storage temperature, and domestic hot water recirculation pump.
  • Solar adjustment: Using an optional expansion, TUTORbit can also simultaneously manage a solar circuit by controlling the following parameters: minimum and maximum puffer temperature, solar manifold temperature, ∆t function on storage tank charging pump, solar anti-stagnation function, solar anti-freeze function, solar/anti-legionella mixing pump.
  • Remote control and monitoring via the cloud: TUTORbit is compatible with all major browsers and allows the system to be remote controlled via PC, tablet and smartphone.
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Product Guide Hybrid Systems & Heat pump

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