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DUALdens from 70 end 90 kW is the range of commercial, modular, floor standing, gas condensing boilers, patented and completely built by Cosmogas.

DUALdens are compact, available in wall-hung and floor standing version, both for indoor and outdoor installation.

They are ideal for new and renovation of low or high temperature heating systems in the tertiary sector and multi-family buildings.


Product category: Commercial gas condensing boiler for indoor and outdoor installation

Output: 70 - 90 kW

Suited for: Residential Central Heating, Commercial, Industrial and Tertiary Sector

Connectivity: Management through TUTORbit, standard remote control and outdoor temperature sensor

Wide turndown ratio Up to 1:12

Each module consists of two C.R.R. heat exchangers (35 or 45 kW), which operate in cascade sequence and modulate respectively from 6.2 to 70 kW, from 8.3 to 90 kW.

The synchrony between cascade sequence and total modulation allows a turndown ratio up to 1:12.

Elegant, easy, ideal in renewal

Thanks to its extremely small size and light weight, DUALdens is ideal for replacing old boilers or when it is difficult to access the thermal power plant.

DUALdens is compact, with elegant design and an elegant design and it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation needs.

DUALdens can be connected in cascade sequence up to 4 units to reach an output of 360 kW.

Low loss and safety kit always protected

The safety Kit, complete with shut-off gas valve and the low loss header are available as separate accessories.

In case of outdoor installation of the wall-hung version, a special weather resistant cover is available, while DUALdens T is standard equipped with a special housing for the safety kit.

Perfect thermoregulation even remotely

DUALdens is standard equipped with an outdoor temperature sensor that works at “sliding temperature”, by reducing the output to the system requirements: the thermal elements light up at idle and then gradually increase to the required output.

DUALdens is also prepared for connection to the TUTORbit thermoregulator.



DUALdens is available as DUALdens T floor standing version, ideal when wall-hung mounting is impossible.

DUALdens T is standard equipped with a special housing for the safety kit with reversible connection outputs (left/right).


DUALdens is standard equipped with a built-in CR01 remote control to regulate and control alarms and locks from inside the home.

Documentation about DUALdens
DUALdens installation, use and maintenance manual

Installation and maintenance manuals, User Manuals – File type: PDF

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