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B50, the 50 litre stainless steel AISI 316L wall-mounted buffer storage tank for the production of domestic hot water for storage and continuous operation.

B50 is designed, patented and manufactured entirely by Cosmogas, and can be combined with a NOVAdens, MYdens or Q30 boiler or an AGUAdens water heater, even if already installed!


Product category: Inertia storage tank, wall mounted, stainless steel AISI 316L

Capacity: 50 litres

Suited for: Residential use, handcrafted

Domestic hot water: Up to 230 litres in the first 10 minutes at an average temperature of 40 °C (ΔT 30 °C);

Size: A 44,5 X P 48,4 X H 68,5 cm - 36 Kg

Many showers simultaneously?

B50 is the ideal solution for all those situations in wich there is the need for great amount of domestic hot water in short time withdrawals, such as beauty centers, hairdressers, small B&Bs but also public businesses.

The supply comes:


  • through the B50, up to 230 litres in the first 10 minutes at a mid-temperature of 40°C (ΔT 30°C);
  • through the Boiler, during short temperature recovery time of the  B50.

Easy to install wherever you want

B50 can be installed in any room, both near and at a considerable distance from the installation (up to about 40-50 meters with Ø22 copper pipe); in fact, it is not a gas appliance and is therefore not subject to the related regulations!

A lot of advantages

  • Instantaneous and continuous supply of a great amount of domestic hot water
  • Very short temperature recovery times;
  • Not subject to corrosion and oxidation (not having its own burner);
  • Maintenance limited to periodic replacement of the magnesium anodic protection;
  • Quick and easy installation;
  • Reduced management costs.
Documentation about B50

B50 installation, use and maintenance manual

Installation and maintenance manuals, User Manuals – File type: PDF

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