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AGUAstore is an autonomous water production unit, composed of a double serpentine buffer tank combined with an AGUAdens condensing water heater.

AGUAstore is the ideal solution for all those applications that require large hot water production without the need of a thermal power station.


Product category: Autonomous domestic hot water production unit

Output: 16-22-37 litres (27-34-61 KW)

Capacity: 300, 500, 800, 1000

Suited for: Residential

Hot water heat exchanger: TITANIUM stainless steel resistant to corrosion and to chlorine

Domestic hot water: Up to 1685 in the first 10 min and 2600 l/h (ΔT 25°C)

High peak demands? AGUAstore for sports fields, gyms, etc…

Thanks to the double serpentine buffer tank, AGUAstore is the ideal solution in case of high peak demands and low heat power, as in sports fields, gyms, etc…

The combination with AGUAdens ensures the tank’s reintegration and a continuous production, always running in condensing mode, to achieve energy savings and environmental respect.

Installable anywhere, without the need of a thermal power station

AGUAstore combined with AGUAdens 16 and 22, having output lower than 35 kW, can be installed anywhere without the need to have a suitable place or a thermal power plant.

The appropriate Connection Kit to connect it with the chosen AGUAdens condensing water heater is standard.

Exclusive double serpentine buffer tank

AGUAstore is equipped with a double serpentine buffer tank, with internal vitrification treatment, external PVC coating, 50 mm rigid polyurethane foam (300 and 500 litres) and 100 mm polyester fibre (800 and 1.000 litres) insulation.

The serpentine can be connected with a solar thermal system or can supply a small heating circuit.

Plenty of hot water with solar power integration and heating

Being equipped with wide exchange surface coils, it is possible to combine AGUAstore bottom serpentine with a solar thermal system and to use the top one to supply a small heating circuit.

Details that make the difference


  1. Choose the capacity of the storage tank according to users’ needs: 300, 500, 800 or 1000 litres.
  2. Choose the output and model of AGUAdens water heater between 16, 22 and 37.
  3. Choose the connection kit to connect it to AGUAdens (complete with safety kit for AGUAdens 37).
  4. In case of connection to a solar thermal system, choose the proper solar kit and accessories.


Control panel with digital backlit display for an easy and intuitive visualization of parameters, boiler phases, error messages, with electronic temperature control.

Display backlighting turns off after 5 minutes of inactivity.


Cosmogas is the only manufacturer who can offer a Titanium primary heat exchanger that can be directly supplied by mains water, guaranteeing a great resistance to corrosion and to the aggressiveness of chlorinated waters.

Documentation about AGUAstore

AGUAstore installation, use and maintenance manual

Installation and maintenance manuals, User Manuals – File type: PDF

Are you a professional? Find the technical documentation about this product in the Professionals section.

Documentation for the professional